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The Society has placed historical markers on properties that it owns, or has otherwise played a key role in saving over the years.  The Society has also partnered with public and private agencies to mark and interpret important historic locations throughout San Antonio and Bexar County.

Please note: the ceramic plaques bearing the Society’s seal are not part of our marker program.  These plaques identify buildings that have received a historic preservation award from the Society. Learn more about our Historic Preservation Awards for the Built Environment.

Other Historical Designations

There are three levels of historic designation: local, state, and national. Sites with these designations may also be identified by a specific type of historical marker, typically paid for by the property owner.

Local designations are handled through the City of San Antonio’s Office of Historic Preservation. Buildings can be designated individually or as part of a historic district (a group of historic buildings within a particular area) An interactive online map identifies the City’s existing historic designations.  Historic plaques may be purchased for locally designated buildings.

State designations fall under the Recorded Texas Historic Landmarks program administered by the Texas Historical Commission in Austin. These sites may display the distinctive silver-colored metal Texas historical marker. You can search for sites with state markers and read the marker text by using the Texas Historic Sites Atlas.

Nationally designated properties are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Although the National Parks Service administers the National Register program, all local nominations must be submitted through the Texas Historical Commission. The Texas Historic Sites Atlas also lets you search for National Register sites in Texas and view the nomination forms. National Register sites may be marked with a rectangular bronze plaque.

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