Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy applies to the websites (collectively, the “Websites”) that are owned and operated by the San Antonio Conservation Society, its affiliates, and historic sites that are owned and operated by the San Antonio Conservation Society, including but not limited to A Night in Old San Antonio©, the Steves Homestead House Museum and the Yturri-Edmunds House Museum.

The San Antonio Conservation Society commits to protecting the privacy of its members,volunteers, donors, and other users of its Websites. Through the Websites, the San Antonio Conservation Society intends to provide  information regarding its programs including education, advocacy,  preservation, grants, events, and outreach. When users engage with the Conservation Society on its Websites, they may provide personal information including name, mailing address, email, phone number, etc. It is the user’s decision to provide this information, which will only used in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

The San Antonio Conservation Society may collect data as part of a web analytics service. These data include internet protocol (IP) addresses, cookies, and other conversion tracking information. None of these data include or collect personally identifying information.

Personal information, including name, mailing address, e-mail address, and phone number will be collected by the Conservation Society in order to process membership applications and
renewals, online purchases, event registrations, newsletter subscriptions, or online donations. Unless authorized by the Board of Directors of the San Antonio Conservation Society, no personal information of members will be shared by the Conservation Society with any other organization. The Conservation Society will never share personal information of non-members,
including volunteers, donors, event participants, or other users of the Websites.

The Conservation Society will never share credit card information. All personal information, including credit card information, is transmitted using SSL (secure socket layer) encryption. If any user does not wish to make a payment using our online system, payments including registrations, purchases, membership dues and renewals, and donations can be made by calling
our office at (210) 224-6163 between 8:30 and 4:30 pm CT Monday through Friday.

Questions regarding this Privacy Policy, including opt-out requests, should be directed to:

San Antonio Conservation Society
107 King William
San Antonio, TX 78204
(210) 224-6163 (phone)
(210) 224-6163 (fax)

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