Who We Are

Who We Are

"Can You Imagine San Antonio Without..."


Founded in 1924, The Conservation Society of San Antonio is one of the first community preservation groups in the United States. Beginning with efforts to preserve such unique sites as the city’s Spanish Colonial missions, we are responsible for saving many of the historic attractions that make San Antonio the top tourist destination in Texas.

The Purpose of the Conservation Society: To preserve and to encourage the preservation of historic buildings, objects, places, and customs relating to the history of Texas, its natural beauty and all that is admirably distinctive to Texas; and by such physical and cultural preservation to keep the history of Texas legible and intact to educate the public, especially the youth of today and tomorrow, with knowledge of our inherited regional values.

In addition to advocating the reuse of historic structures, we also conduct annual bus tours of historic sites for school children; offer grants for community preservation projects; maintain two historic house museums and a research library; present awards for the restoration of the built environment and for the publication of outstanding books on Texas history; host speakers and support heritage projects in many ways.

Our annual event, A Night in Old San Antonio® – held during Fiesta week in April since 1948 – is the largest celebration for preservation and fundraiser in the United States.

From thirteen founding women, to a membership of over 1,700 men and women, our volunteers are still actively involved in the preservation of history, structures, customs, green spaces, and the diverse cultural heritage of San Antonio and Texas.



“Shall I say ‘Yes, I remember it.’ or ‘Here it is, I helped to save it’?

~Miss Anna Ellis


The new logo for The Conservation Society of San Antonio is a clean design; timeless and sophisticated, yet easy to understand and recognize. The purple background represents a characteristic color of Texas’ native purple sage (Ceniza). The hardy desert plant is a perennial that bursts with blooms ranging from pink and lavender, to purple and magenta – conveying romance, kindness, mystery and creativity.


Color logo for the San Antonio Conservation Society, featuring all-seeing eye, wild olive branch, and mission tower

The wild olive branch is symbolic of the Society’s interest in the preservation of parks, plazas, and all natural beauty, and at the same time, depicts a peaceful relationship in historic preservation and the community. The tower represents not only all the missions, but all other historic structures of historic significance. The all-seeing eye refers to the Society’s watchful role in the preservation of the remaining amenities of our local heritage.

– Amanda Cartwright Taylor


Puppet Show

Illustration of the Puppets


Old San Antonio Market House before it was demolished

Society Properties

Anton Wulf House

Saved Properties

Aztec Theater

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