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Society in Action

Society grant funds cemetery research

San Antonio Express-News Article

Landscape architect Everett Fly is helping to shed light on early African-American communities established in northeast Bexar County.


House on Brahan an Architectural Asset

San Antonio Conservation Society Position Statement

We support a finding of historic significance for 255 Brahan and encourage the owner to consider its value.



Defending an Intact Alamo Plaza

All of the articles by the Society explaining why San Antonio should not sacrifice Alamo Plaza's history to re-create the 1836 Alamo.

Woolworth's and Wood Courthouse Endangered 

San Antonio has two significant structures on Preservation Texas' 2016 list of  Most Endangered Places!

ScoutSA + Rehabber Club

Be a part of the City's newest way to identify and rehab historic buildings!

Historic Gas Station Survey - Online

Use our online Historic Gas Station Survey site to search or browse nearly 1,500 San Antonio gas stations. Use the Contact Us tab to let us know which stations matter most to you, or to share information about stations that we don’t have listed.