Historic and Design Review Commission (HDRC) – July 17, 2019

Besides speaking up for preserving the Berta Almaguer Dance Studio at Woodlawn Lake Park, we also delivered statements on the following cases:

517 E. Houston Street – the Sol Frank Building.  The proposed changes to the storefront and the addition of a balcony would detract from the vertical elements in this building’s Art Deco style design.  This case will be continued at the August 7th meeting.  Read our statement.

Tobin Hill Community Association – We supported exploring additional historic designations in this area, which has been besieged by demolition requests.  Ideally, some kind of demolition moratorium would protect historic buildings while the assessment or designation process proceeds.  The commission directed the Office of Historic Preservation (OHP) staff to conduct surveys, but did not address any protective measures.  Read our statement.

914 and 918 N. Pine Street – The Society provided a 2013 grant to help rehab the commercial structure at this address.  However, we expressed concern that the primary infill structure planned to front on N. Pine does not share a common design vocabulary with the historic houses on the street.  The commission  postponed a decision on this case until the August 7th meeting.  Read our statement.

529 E. Craig Place – The structural report on this auxiliary building confirmed that it remains in serviceable condition.  We agreed with the OHP staff’s recommendation that the structure not be demolished since it also retains most of its historic features.  The applicant withdrew the demolition request.  Read our statement.

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