Historic and Design Review Commission (HDRC) – November 6, 2019

At this meeting, we delivered five statements to the Historic and Design Review Commission. Two concerned historic buildings and three addressed new construction projects.

4007 S. Flores Street

We supported a finding of historic significance for the Toudouze Building, a Spanish-Eclectic style commercial block built in 1926 and 1941.  Read our full statement.

The commission approved a finding of historic significance.

2914 Pleasanton Road – Individual Landmark

We also supported retaining the existing landmark designation for the Barbee House.  Built in 1939 for Leroy Barbee, this Spanish Revival style house retains ties to Bexar County’s first chick hatchery, which Barbee founded. Read our full statement.

Commissioners avoted for the Barbee House to keep its landmark status.

421 – 427 S. Presa – La Villita Historic District

We called for respecting the smaller scale of historic structures in La Villita by not adding more height to the tower planned for this corner.   Read our full statement.

HDRC approved the applicant’s request to add 30 more feet.

1009 Avenue B.

We also urged the commission to maintain the uncluttered appearance of this prominent riverfront property.  Read our full statement regarding the use of food trucks and shipping containers on site.

This case was referred back to the design review committee.

335 Trail – River Road Historic District

Several design aspects of the proposed apartment complex merited another statement.  Read our full statement.

This project failed to get final approval from the commission.

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