Letter to Texas Historical Commissioners – Sept. 14, 2020

On August 25, for the first time since World Monuments Fund listed the San Antonio Woolworth Building on the 2020 Watch, the Alamo Trust published an image relating to their proposed treatment of Alamo Plaza.  Our concerns over the illustration, which shows the reconstruction of structures from the 1836 fort, prompted us to write to the Texas Historical Commission.  Read our letter to Chairman John Nau.

The Conservation Society played an instrumental role in the designation of San Antonio’s five Spanish missions, including Mission San Antonio de Valero (the Alamo), as a World Heritage Site. We have also advocated for conservation work at the Alamo, and for preserving the historic buildings surrounding it, for decades.

Although the Alamo Trust’s proposal does not show the museum site where the Woolworth Building stands, the fate of that Civil Rights landmark remains a prime concern.   We believe that the Woolworth Building can be integrated into the type of world-class museum the Alamo needs and deserves – take a look at our conceptual drawings.

Alamo Plaza needs to be revitalized, not remade, using the best practices in heritage conservation and innovative interpretation.  Please ask government officials to preserve historic authenticity and to save the Woolworth Building.

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