San Antonio Conservation Society Position Statement

July 6, 2018

The former Crystal Ice Factory, located on the southwest corner of High and S. Hackberry Streets, received a finding of historic significance from the Historic and Design Review Commission on Friday.  The building operated as a family-owned ice plant from 1928 into the 1940s.   It represents a later example of the type of factory that produced commercially manufactured ice; a major San Antonio industry from the post- Civil War era to the 1950s.  Read our statement in support of  landmark designation.

The owner, who initiated the designation process, plans to rehab the deteriorated building. She has already removed the inappropriate modern cladding that appears on Google Map’s street view photos.

The former Crystal Ice Factory at 1603 S. Hackberry with metal cladding and stone veneer removed to show original 1928 building.
The original 1928 building at 1603 S. Hackberry emerges as later cladding is removed.

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