San Antonio Conservation Society Position Statement

October 10, 2018

The historic buildings on the west side of Alamo Plaza should become a museum.

President Susan Beavin and 1st VP Patti Zaiontz delivered our statements opposing key elements of the Alamo plan at the joint meeting of the Historic and Design Review and the Planning Commissions.  Despite our best efforts, and appeals from numerous other concerned citizens, both commissions gave conceptual approval to the controversial proposals to alter and lease Alamo Plaza.

Fortunately, City Council members Shirley Gonzales (Dist. 5), Ana Sandoval (Dist. 7), John Courage (Dist. 9), and Clayton Perry (District 10) have expressed reservations about the plan.   Council will vote on Thursday, October 18th.

Contact Mayor Nirenberg and your council representative before Oct. 18th. Urge them NOT to sign the lease as written. Without amendments, they are signing away local control over a vital part of our historic downtown. Contact your State representatives, who control the project budget, for good measure.  Three historic buildings and our unimpeded access to Alamo Plaza are at stake!

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