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The Conservation Society library is a unique resource for research, focusing primarily on the history of San Antonio, its architecture, and its natural environment. The library houses a variety of collections, including books, clippings files, photographs, maps, architectural drawings, and oral histories. One full-time librarian oversees the daily operations of the library, assisted by a small group of dedicated volunteers.

Volunteers not only assist with research requests as needed, but also perform many of the “behind-the-scenes” tasks required to keep the library functioning. Typical projects include cataloging, collection inventory and care, and keeping our files up to date with recent articles on preservation/planning issues and local history.  Basic computer skills are useful, but not always required.

The library is open to Society members, as well as to the public, Monday through Thursday from 9:30 to 3:30. We ask our volunteers to assist with covering as much of this timeperiod as they can manage for one day each week. Commitment to a regular schedule is very important. Because the library is located on the third floor of the historic Wulff House, volunteers must also be able to climb stairs.

If you are interested in volunteering for the library, or in assisting the Society’s Survey Committee with building research, please complete this application form.  E-mail librarian Beth Standifird at, or call 210-224-6163, with any questions.

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