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Heidemann Ranch

Historic Farm and Ranch Complexes Survey

This survey site showcases late-18th through early-20th century farm and ranch complexes located in Bexar and adjacent counties in Texas. The goal is to celebrate and to promote conservation and preservation of historic properties and to provide inspiration and examples for others looking to do the same with their properties.

Please note that this is a work in progress, with more sites, information, and photos being added over time. Go to farmandranch.omeka.net. Do you own a historic farm or ranch site within our region and would like to have it featured?  Click here to learn more.

In 2006, the Society created a committee to identify, document, and work with owners to protect historic farm and ranch complexes that had become endangered by encroaching development and a lack of preservation.  The Committee began working with City of San Antonio archaeologist Kay Hindes to survey rural county areas.  Of the 56 historic properties originally identified in the 1973 survey done by the Alamo Area Council of Governments, 41 properties were located.  Fifteen of the original properties had been lost and 44 additional historic farm complexes were identified.   Over the next ten years, survey work continued.

Additional complexes are being identified as development continues and outlying properties are being cleared for housing and business use. Currently, over 100 historic farm and ranch complexes have been identified.  Research and documentation is ongoing.

You may also find the National Register listing for Historic Farms and Ranches of Bexar County of interest.

2202 Fredericksburg Road

Historic Gas Station Survey

Pumped up about historic gas stations?  Our new survey site offers a self-service guide to nearly 1,500 gas stations built in San Antonio from the early to the mid-twentieth century.

Each station record includes photos, history, and an architectural description.  This site contains information from our 1983 gas station survey, which focused on stations built before 1940 within the original 36 square mile city limits.  It also includes information from our ongoing survey of stations built between 1940 and 1970 inside Interstate 410 (Loop 410), which served as the city limits in 1970.

This survey identifies and describes an urban form of roadside architecture integral to San Antonio’s built environment.  That the buildings have endured to this day implies that they are well built and are prime candidates for reuse. This survey can be used to identify buildings that are eligible for historic designation, in need of preservation, or are already examples of successful adaptive use.

You may also find A Field Guide to Historic Gas Stations in Texas a useful resource.

This project was made possible through the generosity of the Society’s Capital Club.

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