The Conservation Society is proud to be a partner of the San Antonio African American Community Archive and Museum (SAAACAM). We support SAAACAM in their mission to collect, preserve and share the cultural heritage of African Americans in the San Antonio region.

We want to help spread the word about SAAACAM’s latest project: Telling My Story Through Journaling.  This innovative approach addresses therapy/self-care and the city’s history and cultural heritage, according to Project Coordinator and SAAACAM Board Officer, Mrs. Sallie Frederick.

“Health professionals have recognized writing as a means of therapy, allowing the writer to relax. Journaling is also creative and a way to express one’s self. For those who wish to indulge their interest in local African American history, this project is a way of preserving the heritage of this proud city, writing about memories of being a San Antonian, the community they know and people and places that make it so special.”  Read the full press release or get started telling your story.

SAAACAM is also a vital member of the Coalition for the Woolworth Building.  Consisting of both concerned individuals and organizations, the Coalition supports the preservation of the 1921 Woolworth Building and wants to build on that landmark’s presence in Alamo Plaza to share an integrated history that includes African Americans and Civil Rights.

The Coalition’s member organizations include: San Antonio Branch NAACP; San Antonio African American Community Archives and Museum; Esperanza Peace and Justice Center; Westside Preservation Alliance; San Antonio for Growth on the East Side; National Institute of Mexican American History of Civil Rights; and  The Conservation Society of San Antonio.

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