Recently, we supported the landmark designation of a 1920s ice house at 419 S. Hackberry.  This small, stucco building with Spanish-style features dates back to a time when ice manufacturing ranked among San Antonio’s leading industries.

Free-standing ice houses helped distribute the ice needed for refrigeration before refrigerators became common kitchen appliances in the 1950s.   These little neighborhood stores also sold some groceries and, of course, ice-cold beer.  Read more in “San Antonio’s legacy as ice house capital of the world still growing.”

Like historic gas stations, ice houses often combine sturdy construction and convenient location, making them versatile buildings for adaptive use.   We commend the owners of 419 S. Hackberry for their plans to restore this ice house.  The surrounding Denver Heights neighborhood will get to keep a piece of their history, while looking forward to a new coffee shop/beer and wine bar.

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