Bacon-Steubing Farm – 6439 De Zavala Road

You can help the Society support the landmark designation of the last three historic buildings that remain from the Bacon-Steubing Farm, a 20th century dairy.

This case has been rescheduled.  It will be heard at City Council on Thursday, March 4th.  You can send an “eComment” or sign up to speak by following these instructions.  Or, e-mail the Mayor and City Council.  The former farm is in Councilman Manny Peláez’s District 8.

The barn, milk house, and feed room serve as a valuable visible reminder of the cultural heritage of dairy farming that once flourished in northwestern Bexar County, and which author Gayle Brennan Spencer described as “a part of San Antonio’s heritage almost erased.” Read more about the farm’s history.

The Society supported a finding of historic significance from the Historic Design and Review Commission.  The HDRC’s approval received significant media attention.  See coverage in the Express-News and the San Antonio Report.

The barn (left) and milk house (right) from the bacon-Steubing FaRM
Bacon-Steubing barn (left) with attached milk house (right).

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