Historic and Design Review Commission(HDRC) – December 4, 2019

Our three statements given at this HDRC meeting focused on: a historic house in Tobin Hill, the 1850s German-English school, and the Alamo Cenotaph.

413 E. Mistletoe

We commend the property owner for seeking historic designation for her 1914 Craftsman style house in the Tobin Hill neighborhood.  Read our full statement in support of her request.

HDRC recommended designation, sending the case on to the Zoning Commission and City Council for final approval.

423 S. Alamo Street – La Villita Historic District

We expressed our concern about the proposed hotel’s impact on the landmark German-English School, which the new construction will adjoin.  We also commented that the lack of detail provided for the hotel’s north and south facades merited further clarification prior to approval.  Read our full statement.

The commission approved this project as presented.

300 Alamo Plaza (The Alamo Cenotaph) – Alamo Plaza Historic District

We support the restoration of the Cenotaph, although our board of directors took a position in 2017 against relocating monument.  Now that the move has been approved, our current statement joins with the Office of Historic Preservation staff in requesting that hardscape material samples and specifications for the new location be submitted for approval.  Read our full statement.

The commissioners decided to postpone the vote until they could be briefed in executive session on the two lawsuits relating to burials at the Alamo.

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