San Antonio Conservation Society Position Statement

City Council

October 18, 2018

Our City leaders accepted the State’s terms for redesigning and leasing Alamo Plaza, despite months of public outcry against many of the plan’s proposals, including:

  • Limited access
  • The uncertain fate of historic buildings already listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The Conservation Society documented some of this opposition in a petition that received 7,600 signatures – more than three times the number of people included in one State poll.  Many thanks to everyone who rallied to this cause!

We presented these petitions to City Council on Thursday, October 18th, during the citizens-to-be-heard session before the crucial vote.  President Susan Beavin also delivered a statement, urging the City to leverage the lease to bargain with the State.

As the meeting unfolded, we discovered that the the City had little real choice. In a briefing given the day before, our Council members learned that any amendments would invalidate the entire partnership deal, effectively squashing negotiation.

If you’re unhappy with the lease agreement approved by City Council on October 18th and the way the General Land Office managed the public process, contact your U.S. and State representatives and let them know!

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