San Antonio Conservation Society Article

September 5, 2018

Since 2016, we have been advocating for the preservation and reuse of the three historic buildings across from the Alamo: the Crockett Block, the Palace Theater and the Woolworth Building.  The trio’s longstanding historic designations at both the local and the national levels testify to their architectural and historic merit.  While City Council’s approval of the Alamo Master Plan endorsed the buildings’ reuse as an Alamo museum, the approval of the new Alamo Interpretive Plan makes their future uncertain.

The Woolworth Building, which anchors the southwest corner of E. Houston Street, may be the most vulnerable.  The loss of this handsome building, which played a significant role in national Civil Rights history in 1960, would be both tragic and unfair.  Executive Director Vince Michael explores why the Woolworth Building matters so much in his blog on “Alamo Plaza and Diversity.”

The Woolworth Building in Alamo Plaza played an imprtant role in local Civil Rights history.
This 1921 landmark makes a handsome and authentic corner piece for the proposed Alamo museum.

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