TPR Interview July 9: Can the ITC be Saved from Project Marvel?

Aerial view of Institute of Texan Cultures building
Photo by Gordon Schults.

The Source podcast by David Martin Davies features a conversation on the future of the Institute of Texan Cultures building.

“The city’s grand vision for the southeast corner of downtown is called Project Marvel. It’s an ambitious multi-billion-dollar project that will turn the area around the re-imagined Alamodome and the bulldozed Institute of Texan Cultures into a new home for the Spurs and an entertainment destination. But some say the ITC building should be saved and that public transparency is needed for all of this.”


Lewis Vetter is president of the Conservation Society of San Antonio.

Madison Iszler covers real estate, retail, economic development, and other business topics for the San Antonio Express-News.

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This interview will be recorded on Tuesday, July 9, 2024.”

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