The Hughes House Has New Owners and a Bright Future

Front of Hughes House

Andrew Weissman and May Chu in front of fireplace
New owners Andrew Weissman and May Chu have saved the Hughes House.

Latest Update – June 10, 2022

Congratulations to new owners May Chu and Andrew Weissman. Their timely purchase ensures that the Hughes House will remain a vibrant part of the Tobin Hill neighborhood.

At today’s photo op, Conservation Society advocates and San Antonio Heron editor Ben Olivo heard from the owners about their vision to transform the house into a community gathering spot in collaboration with the residents of Tobin Hill.

After addressing the house’s immediate maintenance needs, the owners plan to  focus on restoring the first floor.  The original hardwood floors and decorative fireplaces provide an inviting setting for what could be an upscale wine and cheese bar.   Read more in the Heron.

Andrew Weissman and May Chu in front room
The front room shows shows the house's great potential as a public space.
Monica Savino, Ricki Kushner, Jessica Mitchell, and Michael Carroll
Monica Savino, Ricki Kushner, Jessica Mitchell, and Michael Carroll documented the house's history, supporting a finding of historic significance.

The History of the Hughes House

Internationally famous dancer Russell (La Meri) Hughes (1898-1988) grew up in this 1913 Prairie style home at 312 W. Courtland, where she gave some of her earliest performances.  She went on to become known as the “undisputed queen of ethnic dance,” later teaching dance in New York City and publishing several books.

The Archdiocese of San Antonio purchased this architectural gem in 1965, using it as a Catholic Student Center for 50 years.

Credit Where It’s Due

Both the Archdiocese of San Antonio and San Antonio College deserve thanks for ultimately responding to the concerns voiced by the Conservation Society, the Tobin Hill Community Association, and other preservationists.

A heartfelt thanks to all those who researched, campaigned, and networked for the Hughes House to get the second chance it deserved.

Nw owners and Society members on front steps
Clockwise from center: Andrew Weissman, May Chu, Executive Director Vincent Michael, Kathleen Trenchard, President Kathy Rhoads, Ricki Kushner, Beth Standifird. Photo by Monica Savino.

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