A Historical View of the San Antonio Missions
After 63 years as an active mission, an official decree on April 10, 1794 ordered the partial secularization of Mission San Juan. Some of the families continued to live in the mission dwellings for many years, even as late as 1890, almost 100 years later. The surrounding farmlands were sold at auction in 1831. The little church remained the property of the Catholic Church, but except for an occasional visit from a priest from the San Antonio diocese, it went virtually unused for worship.

All church services ceased after the mission's final secularization in 1824. Several storms damaged the chapel roof, causing it to collapse in 1886. It took over twenty years before the roof was replaced and the chapel repaired. In 1909, the Catholic Church rededicated the restored chapel, which was used for worship services from that date forward.

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1) Another view showing the deterioration of the San Juan chapel, looking at the north and front (east) facades. The roof and the cross from the top of the belfry are gone.

2) View of the north side of the San Juan chapel, showing a better state of repair.

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Courtesy of the San Antonio Conservation Society Foundation.
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