A Historical View of the San Antonio Missions
Mission San Francisco de la Espada

Mission Espada was first established in East Texas in 1690 under the name "San Francisco de los Tejas." The original mission included a presidio for soldiers in an effort to prevent the French from invading Spanish territory. The mission eventually failed through a lack of logistical support, epidemics among the indigenous population, and no further need for a strong frontier barrier. This mission moved to San Antonio on March 5, 1731, along with Missions Concepción and San Juan. After the move, the mission retained the "San Francisco" part of its name, to which was added "de la Espada," which means "of the sword."

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1) An oblique view of the south and east (front) facades of the Mission Espada chapel. The well for the mission can be seen in the foreground.

2) Close up of Mission Espada's chapel adjoined by the modern convento (priests' quarters) on the left. The remains of an old schoolroom built along the west perimeter wall is visible in the background on the far right. Photo taken by Ron Bauml.

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Courtesy of the San Antonio Conservation Society Foundation.
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