A Historical View of the San Antonio Missions
Father Bouchu also started a school at Mission Espada during his tenure. Later, a parish schoolhouse was built just outside the compound walls, where it operated for a number of years. Today, the Headstart program uses this little schoolhouse.

Thus, Mission Espada still serves the descendants of some of the original settlers. The chapel itself still belongs to the Catholic Church, and is an active parish church with a resident Franciscan priest.

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1) Photograph of the front (east) façade of the chapel. A priest stands watch as several children alight from a school bus to attend the San Francisco de la Espada School. The Espada School opened in 1915 and closed in 1967. Various buildings on the mission grounds were repaired to serve as classrooms. Photo taken by F.J. Schmidt.

2) This is the ruin of an old schoolroom along the west perimeter wall. Photo taken by Gordon Shults.

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Courtesy of the San Antonio Conservation Society Foundation.
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