A Historical View of the San Antonio Missions
The plaza also contained carpenter and blacksmith shops. The two-story convento, where the priests lived, was attached to the back of the main church. The sacristy adjoined the church, also.

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1) A man stands beside one of the arches on the ruined second floor of Mission San José's convento, looking southeast. The church's bell tower is visible behind him.

2) Looking west through the arcaded walls of the cloister that links San José's convento to its church. Photo taken by Brooks Martin.

3) A friar kneels in front of the altar in the triple–domed sacristy/side chapel of San José's church, as seen from the east doorway. The Rose Window is out of view on the left.

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Courtesy of the San Antonio Conservation Society Foundation.
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c. 1870-1900c. 1870-1900
2) 19902) 1990
3) c. 19313) c. 1931