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Through art and architecture, HemisFair '68 sought to project a modern image in a city that hadn't constructed a new downtown hotel in more than 20 years. Artists from six continents created a variety of contemporary murals, fountains, and sculptures, which visitors encountered amid a mix of renovated historic buildings and new construction. Many of the sleek, minimalist corporate and international exhibit buildings came down after the fair ended, but the Mexican Pavilion (now the Instituto de Mexico), Gulf Insurance Group Building, Eastman Kodak Building, and Woman's Pavilion remained.

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1) The futuristic Ford pavilion, featured a 360-degree movie. This temporary building was one of several fair structures built in the round. c.1967, HemisFair '68.

2) Guatemalan artist Carlos Mérida designed this exuberant mosaic mural at the age of 75. Created from two million pieces of glass, the mural measured 40 feet high and was installed inside the 1968 Convention Center as a gift from Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Negley. Merida depicted the world's different cultures through abstract figures, incorporating the evolution of the spiral HemisFair logo into the mural's upper left corner. Today, the mural can still be seen across from the Lila Cockrell Theater, although it is now outside after the 2016 Convention Center remodeling. Photo by Vincent Michael.

3) Architect Cyrus Wagner designed the Woman's Pavilion: the only fair building created through the efforts of ordinary people, and one of the few small buildings intended to be permanent. Sherry Kafka (Wagner), and other prominent local women, led the international drive to create a place that honored the contributions of women to western civilization. Lynn Ford, the brother of architect O'Neil Ford, carved the wooden entry doors (now stored offsite). These led beneath cantilevered balconies into an inviting multi-level space suffused with natural light. Photo by Stuart Johnson.

Courtesy of San Antonio Conservation Society Foundation
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