A Photographic Guide to the Many Faces of Alamo Plaza
To honor the Battle of San Jacinto, and to entertain President Harrison, a group of women decided to hold a flower parade.

"Over 100 decorated carriages and vehicles" joined the procession. "Upon approaching Alamo Plaza, the ladies in the carriages separated from the main part of the parade and were driven around the Plaza in opposite directions," tossing flowers at each other as they passed (Heusinger, 50). Since its inauguration in 1891, the Battle of Flowers has remained a local, and now international, favorite as part of Fiesta.

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The following photos show examples of typical participants in the Battle of Flowers Parade:

1.) Ladies with parasols and gents in straw hats watch the parade moving up Alamo Street north of Crockett Street. Although the carriages are not decorated, this is most likely a Battle of Flowers Parade. Buildings from left to right are: the Grand Opera House (with sign), U.S. Courthouse and Post Office, and the Hugo-Schmeltzer Building.

2.) Two couples in spring finery sit inside this open, horse-drawn carriage. The carriage is decorated with flowers in preparation for the Battle of Flowers Parade.

3.) A member of the Order of the Alamo's royal court regally makes her way down Broadway on this elaborate Battle of Flowers float. The parade moves south down Broadway, and through Alamo Plaza, on route to Commerce Street, Main Plaza, and its conclusion.

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Courtesy of the San Antonio Conservation Society Foundation
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c. 1890-1900c. 1890-1900
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