A Photographic Guide to the Many Faces of Alamo Plaza
Merchants on Commerce Street wanted to improve traffic access between Main Plaza and Alamo Street to compete with Houston Street, which had streetcar service (Steinfeldt, 64). The street widening undertaken between 1912 and 1914 resulted in the demolition of several buildings, while other buildings forfeited several feet of their facades. The Dullnig Building lost both the southeast corner tower and 16 feet of its Alamo Street façade.

By 1977, the dilapidated Dullnig Building, along with several other neglected landmarks on Alamo Plaza, faced demolition as part of efforts to create more downtown parking. However, during the city's one year demolition moratorium, local investors A. Baker Duncan and Goodhue Smith III purchased the building and obtained grant money to restore it. Architect Killis Almond carried out the restoration, removing plaster and false-fronts to reveal the red brick and ornate stone lintels over the windows.

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1.) A post-restoration view of the Dullnig Building looking northwest from the intersection of Commerce and Alamo Streets. Notice the painted cornice, restored columns, and clean brick. However, it proved too costly to replicate the decorative elements missing from the roof.

2) View of the Dullnig Building when completely covered by a slip–cover facade. Note that the entire historic facade was hidden behind the box-like exterior.

3) A composite of the Dullnig Building's Alamo Street Facade, which shows (at the left) the southeast corner of the building after restoration, and (at right) the northeast corner of the building prior to restoration. Both photos taken by Killis Almond, FAIA.

4) Conservation Society board members Sally Buchanan (left) and June Keesee (right), stand flanking architect Killis Almond inside the Dullnig Building during restoration.

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Courtesy of San Antonio Conservation Society Foundation
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2) 19742) 1974
3)    Composite of 1980 Before and 1981 After Restoration3) Composite of 1980 Before and 1981 After Restoration
4) 19794) 1979
5)     20135) 2013