A Night in Old San Antonio : A History in Photographs
Axel Meerscheidt built this Victorian house, c. 1885—86. According to his daughter, Erna, he had "studied architecture at the University of Heidelburg, Germany. . . He did not practice as an architect in San Antonio, but used his knowledge of it by opening up exclusive residential districts and having a beautiful house or two built in each to encourage others to buy property and settle in these districts."* Axel and his brother, Paul, also developed two subdivisions in 1888 and 1890 in today's King William Historic District area.

By the mid—1990s, the Meerscheidt House had fallen into disrepair. A series of Society grants totaling over $18,600 helped the new owner preserve this significant local landmark.

The Society's preservation grant program provides money to fund restoration work on structures built before 1930, with priority given to structures that are architecturally significant, endangered, within a historic district or individually landmarked. Individual restoration projects can inspire other homeowners in the neighborhood to make repairs.

* Meerscheidt, Erna Weeks Bouillon, "The Story of My Life," http://www.kingwilliamassociation.org/kwa/index.php/articles/history—people/25—more—about—the—meerscheidt—family, 1/31/2014.
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Courtesy of the San Antonio Conservation Society
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The metal roof, masonry walls, and front porch in need of repair, 1993.The metal roof, masonry walls, and front porch in need of repair, 1993.
The restored house is a beautiful home again, 2004.The restored house is a beautiful home again, 2004.