Price List

Photographic Services

Digial Scans Cost Each
For one-time, approved use only. All images remain the property of the Library. Please specify the format and resolution needed. $15.00

Publication/Public Display Fees

Fees may be waived for uses that support the mission of the San Antonio Conservation Society (see photographic use policy). Requests for a waiver of fees must be made in writing. U.S. non-profits must submit an IRS 501(c) letter, while overseas non-profits must submit the equivalent documentation from their country, to confirm their status.

Category Cost Per Image/Per Use
Commercial Firms/Media $50.00
Non-Profit Organizations/Government $25.00
Students (ID Required) $15.00

COMPLETION DATE: Normal turnaround time is 5 working days. Actual time may vary according to the size of the project and workload.

PRICES: Prices are subject to change without notice.

RESEARCH FEE: The Library staff will provide up to one hour of free photographic research. Staff time beyond that may be billed at $30.00 an hour. An additional fee may be charged for any photocopies, facsimiles, or mailings required.

RUSH ORDERS: Turn around for rush orders is 1-2 working days, provided that permission and payment can be obtained. Rush orders are charged at double the cost of production.

SCANNING: All scanning will be done by a library staff member or volunteer. Patrons may not use their own scanning or photographic equipment. Scanning is contingent on the size and condition of the source material.

Scanned images will be sent to the patron as an e-mail attachment or on a disc. All costs must be paid in advance.

If a patron wishes to publish or publicly display an image, including posting it on a web site, the patron must complete a Request for Permission to Publish form.

No special services, including extensive cropping, re-sizing, or image enhancement will be provided.

SHIPPING/HANDLING: $5.00 minimum on each order.

TAX: Texas deliveries will be assessed the current sales tax rate (8.25%). Tax exemption claimants must provide a tax exemption certificate.

USAGE: By placing an order with us, you agree to abide by the Library’s Photographic Usage Policy.