Photographic Use Policy

  1. Library staff handles the retrieval and reproduction of all photographic material in the order that the requests are received. Each request must be made clear as to the intended use of the material.
  2. The Library staff will provide up to one hour of free photographic research. Staff time beyond that may be billed at $30.00 an hour. An additional fee may be charged for any photocopies, facsimiles, or mailings required.
  3. Photographic materials do not circulate outside the library, except for authorized reproduction or for an activity approved by the President.
  4. Permission may be granted upon written request for one-time, non-exclusive use of photographs for publication, exhibition, or other purposes if the proposed use is specified and approved by the library. Any subsequent use of the same image requires separate application and permission. Reproduction rights are not granted in perpetuity.
  5. Internet use of Library images must be approved by the President. Websites using Library images must contain a notice prohibiting downloading and unauthorized use of the images by third parties. Images may be reproduced at a resolution no higher than the equivalent of 72 dpi for a 4 x 5 inch image.
  6. The Library is not responsible for any illegal or improper use of its photographic material. It is the obligation of the patron to obtain permission for use from the copyright holder (if any). The patron must present written consent from the copyright holder before requests for use of copyrighted material can be granted.
  7.  All requests for commercial use of photographic material must be made in advance. The Library reserves the right to refuse permission for use, or to revoke permission, if materials are used for any purpose other than that stated on the request form. The Library reserves the right to determine whether a proposed publication is commercial, based on the nature of the publication, the publisher, and its intended distribution.
  8. A signed “Request for Permission to Publish Form” is required on all orders intended for publication or public display. A publication/public display fee per image/per use is assessed for all items in the photographic collection, in addition to the cost of image reproduction. Please see the fees listed on the price list. The President may waive fees for uses that support the mission of the San Antonio Conservation Society.
  9. All copying of photographic material is done through the Library. Use of personal cameras is not allowed. Professional media personnel may bring their equipment by special permission and pre-arranged appointment only. A pre-paid fee equal to the cost of standard research and image reproduction services will be charged.
  10. Payment in advance is required on all orders. Regardless of changes or cancellations, the client will be held responsible for all costs incurred after an order has been placed.
  11. Proper credit must be given to the San Antonio Conservation Society Foundation for the use of its photographic materials, including scanned images. When materials from a specific collection are used, the collection name must also be credited.
  12. The person who orders photographs from these collections is responsible for providing verification that proper use of and credit for the photographs has been made as specified in the original request and for which permission for use was granted. As verification, please send the library a copy of the published work in which the image appears, if possible, or a copy of the image, caption, and citation as reproduced. For exhibitions, please provide a copy of the accompanying catalog or a photograph showing the image in place.
  13. Copies of images from the Library in any media, including electronic or photographic, may not be deposited or placed on file in any other repository without specific consent of the Library, and may not be supplied to commercial archives or publishers for resale.
  14. The Library reserves the right to alter and amend these policies at any time as needed without prior notice.
  15.  Any person failing to abide by these usage rules may be denied further access to, and use of, the materials in the Library’s photographic collection.